The Menteer Platform

Stop using spreadsheets to make matches – automated this process with Menteer

The Matching Process

The standard Mentor-Mentee matching process is:

1. Mentors and Mentees sign up and create profiles
2. Answer introduction questions (defined by you)
3. View short-list of possible matches (based on your criteria)
4. Mentee selects a Mentor & Mentor approves/declines (can also require admin approval)
5. They set mentoring meetings and take notes
6. Admins view reports of all participants and matches

Mentor Application

Platform Features

Setup procedures:

* Installation on your server or on our cloud hosting
* Lock the hosting to your geographic area (if needed)
* Customize the visuals with your brand and style
* Customize the mentor application form data fields
* Customize the mentee application form data fields
* Adjust the matching algorithm to your needs
* Integrate with third-party tools or internal systems
* Testing everything and adjust
* Add advanced security on top
* Launch for mentors and then mentees

Features in progress:
* Assigning multiple mentees per mentor
* Managing multiple mentoring programs with one account

Admin Features:

* Login to admin panel
* View all mentors and mentees
* Activate or disable accounts (if needed)
* Sort by mentors, mentees, matches, Dates
* Enter accounts and make updates
* Report of total mentors, mentees, matches, meetings
* Download Excel report of all data

Technology Stack

Menteer uses standard technologies:

* MySQL Database
* PHP data integration
* HTML5 / CSS / Javascript
* Responsive design
* CodeIgniter Development Platform

Hosting is your choice:
* Can be on your own server, or
* On our secure cloud server
* Hosting locked to your country for data privacy
* Compliant security standards (OWASP Top 10 + more)


Maintenance & Support

We constantly update and improve the system and also add features. The platform also gets better with every client implementation. We charge $500/year to be available for maintenance and support as needed.